Wednesday 10 April 2013

Jan Irvin & Dr Colin Ross - CIA, MKULTRA, Gordon Wasson & The Century Club

When the US Government realised the CIA were liquidising people's minds in an effort to become the best at mind controlling populations the Director of the CIA Richard Helms shredded all the paperwork. What we have left is the low risk to the CIA damage control but it's still revealing.

With this interview we piece together more of how the entire United States (and indeed Western civilisation) has been manipulated by the CIA (Century Club/Esalen etc) including this age of Aquarius that the CIA took a lot more seriously as a window to hijack global consciousness than the science establishment they also manipulate to repeat the mechanistic view of the universe.

The CIA used this time to keep the planet distracted on LSD and flowers in guns rather than protesting against the psychopathy of all the paternalistic institutions s that actually run the planet. This is top notch research in action. No celebrity nipple here. Lots of dots connected in a rich discussion that fans of reality will appreciate.