Monday, 10 May 2021

Memes To Steal

It's been a golden time for hard hitting memes. Oddly enough the marketing communications crowd couldn't wish to distance themselves more from the revolutionary and proletariat classes seizing the means of production (mind control), though the subject is worthy of a many a PhD thesis. 

Also I notice the pseudo semioticians are the least informed on symbolism in everything from the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony (very creepy) to very simple gematria and numerology.

Once you see it, you can't un-see it and then you learn fast who is saying what.

Update: The most salient images linking 2012 Olympic Ceremony to Covid have been removed from this blog. It's a compliment of sorts and has been cranked up like never before, because if we win, and we're going to win, it's over for the Luciferians.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Email Subscribers Take Note

When Google disposed of their RSS Reader, it was not because of cost. It's because Google are evil as GOG and didn't want those of us who were learning at the speed of light to use their platform to do it.

It staggers me that the flaccid marketing communications crowd, populated by some very astute brain power, haven't commented once that the censorship on Google has turned a world class search engine into a clown-tool, suitable for the most bland information approved by big tech, big-pharma and small noodle or very large porn.

I would hate to be in a big media job as the world learns they've injected themselves with toxic, DNA chemicals.

Money can't buy you trust.

Those days are over and you burned yours while someone fiddled.

Book mark me.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Soylent Green - 1973

One of my favourite experiences in Bangkok was buying freshly made tofu at about 3am, as I lived a stones throw from the central wet market.

Imagine my shock when a fitness fanatic friend informed me soy is one of the most unhealthy foods for endocrine disruptors or something like that.

I'm not sure when I learned a soy-themed movie existed, but with a name like Soylent I was immediately intrigued.

It's set in 2022, so it has nothing to do with now, but I noticed some themes in the movie, like food and land ownership metrics, and later on founded-out some quite dramatic stuff about the character, I think called Sol and played thought-provokingly by Edward G. Robinson.

Another theme I noticed was masks, but the movie is set in 2022 so it has nothing to do with this and last years' muzzles, but the main food is sold by a corporation that own's half the land. Does that sound familar?

The screenplay is about 50% right according to the author who I suspect had his work stolen from him.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

How The System Tricks The Credulous

Some time ago when I worked in Bangkok... the Skytrain had been installed for a couple of years, and there was a huge political row about providing lifts to the platform for disabled people. The cost was around 200 million Baht for a few of the main stations, as I recall.

I couldn't figure it out. It took me years to realise the trick and then I saw more of these deceptions, and so can you if you use logic.

The reason skytrain elevators are a stupid idea is because nobody gets around Bangkok on a wheelchair. The unparalleled congestion of cars and pedestrians in Bangkok makes it impossible to move around on a wheelchair during rush hour. The pavements getting to the stations are broken and dangerous to navigate with paving stones sticking up or pot holes staring down.

The curious might just ask themselves, why not fix the pavements first?  .... but we know the blind are incapacitated in this respect.

Regrettably most Thai employers don't like to hire disabled people, as the Thais are quite primitive when it comes to employing ethnic minorities or uncomfortable looking employees. 

Yes it's superficial and ugly in its own way, but it's the way most developing countries are. Ask any Indian or Black person about living in China or Thailand if you don't believe me. The word nigger is meaningless to a person who is hungry enough to steal by being unemployable.

Anyway, later years, after binning my regular information downloads from The Economist, Financial Times, WSJ, The Guardian, NYT and so forth, and started to study information that isn't permitted (not just in polite society but even more so in the corporate world), I realised the trick.

It's a trick that costs peanuts compared to the mind control it wields on the purposefully gullible.

The purpose of elevators for the wheelchair bound in a far flung country or those endless empty disabled parking spaces at Supermarkets, and the addition of deaf interpreters at any political presentation on the televison are there for one reason and one reason only.

To imply that Government loves you and cares about your well being.

Now I'm not saying there aren't good-intentioned, and well meaning people in Government, but by and large the policy wonks are a bunch of snakes lining their own lifestyles. 

Anyone who has done a half an hours research on Common Purpose will know that, as will any corporate fluffer, who knows better than to click on that link.

We have to be hypnotised to think that the world is racing to prick untested mRNA injections into the global population including people who are actually dying from hunger, disease and the violence that comes along with poverty.

You have to be a cretin to think that a marketing campaign is needed to inform people of a pandemic. One that doesn't mention how to strengthen the immune system for a condition that has a mortality rate so low that the death certificates for normal illnesses are immediately documented as COVID and do not resuscitate orders are ubiquitous across the land.

Yet still the mortality rates for 2020 are the same as 2019. Go ahead, GovCorp publishes the truth in surprising corners of the internet.

I know it's a scam because I worked in the COVID system and watched the lies. I also saw well meaning people remain silent to keep their jobs, or to 'fit in' to the sickness-scenario that now permeates anyone with trust in government and corporative ablutions.

I called the people who believe the lies, stupid and so forth to spark some anger, but the truth is they're not stupid. 

They are indentured to a system that crushes dissent. Their jobs and lifestyles are at risk if they raise their voices.

It's about fear and conformity, and for some... it's about greed.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Guardians of the World: The Shining Ones - The Royal Priesthood

I know my limitations.

I might not be able to remember a few hundred wikipedia articles, but I know a man who can (i'm the good looking one, he's uglier than me, but taught me about the shining ones).

Such blasphemous impertinence at the beginning of a blog post. I must press on.

Matthew and I knew each other at Richard Taunton college. 

As did the late Oliver Horton who passed not so long ago. 

Rest in peace Ollie

After college, when we returned back to Southampton coupled with the blazing asian years, Matthew could speak fluent Bahasa and my Thai was quite tasty. The adventure continued...

Anyway, as chance would have it, we (once again), both returned to our home town (polis) of Southampton, in 2017 and I learned that Mat, had moved on from the Rosicrucians focus, to an extraordinarily captive mind of bloodline history. Maybe one of the top 20 in his field?

I've never met anyone who has read so much on hard to disprove texts.

Though we both understand veracity claims. 

We're not that thick.

It took me years to prove that Mat wasn't bluffing. He'd read enough, and more importantly, repeated in front of me so many times, word-for-word. 

Thus proving the narrative is BS, and Matt was de facto in the right.

It is for this reason, I can bombard him with questions about the sons of Cain (Isaac prayed for her and she conceived. Rebekah gave birth to twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Isaac was 60 years old when his two sons were born. Isaac favoured Esau, and Rebekah favored Jacob. the Shemsu Hore)

After what I claim are years of studentship, requiring listening more than talking, I'm familiar enough with Matthew's work to know it isn't fabricated.

I urge you to invest an hour or so in the material posted above.

It's a presentation that has something to piss off everyone he claims.


Thursday, 18 March 2021

Presidential Biden-Clone Green-Screen 😂

My opinion doesn't really matter, but the video immediately above this line is worth forming your own on.

That last one though.

Crushing 😂😂😂

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Manly P. Hall - The Secret Destiny of America & America's Assignment With Destiny

I've always struggled with Manly P. Hall's work in the past. Maybe it's because he's a 33 degree mason or the audio presentations of him on Youtube, which are Quite formal lectures and delivered in Quite a terse manner.

On this occasion though my esoteric and historical knowledge was sufficient to open up this book and turn pages that bloomed. The first hurdle I overcame was it finally sunk in that the Masonic influence of the founding fathers was from a time when senior masons were related to the mystery schools, or the holders of knowledge for a future time. 

These days senior Masons are usually cops or judges giving light sentences to Rotherham and Telford grooming rape-gangs, thereby demonstrating that their infiltration by the Illuminati, as warned by George Washington to William Russell really is complete.


Anyone with any familiarity of my big gob will know that I've been one of the loudest critics of the Pentagon, and US empire over the last couple of decades. It's so easy to see what the objectives are, and how easily the sheep are herded into pens of bleating unison, where Middle Eastern politics and conflict is portrayed as super complex when the reality is it's super simple and having a backbone is the key problem.

Nevertheless, even in my loudest social media days, I always knew that if America fails, we will all fall, and this book is pretty much about that destiny.

Years ago, I naively ripped former Defence Intelligence Director General Flynn apart in an interview with Mehdi Hasan. In recent years I've been aware of his belief in American Exceptionalism. Well I know I got that wrong, and updated my words on the subject, but Flynn, Trump, Q et al are (imo) right.

The exceptionalism is that without the success of the American project, the world will fall to one or two power-axis players that have a longer history of subjugating their own people, so why would that change if they became the preeminent power?

China for example has a weekly holocaust going on in Xinjiang against the Uighur. The wives are raped in jails, injected with mind bending chemicals and subjected to any number of humiliations and torture, for being Muslims instead of obedient Han Chinese. We don't know so much about this genocide, because Zionist Jews dominate Hollywood, and the news landscape.

There is only one eternal victim in that stale and obnoxious narrative.

America is in a perilous state at the moment. The Democratic party have stolen the election from Trump, and everyone knows it. The only one with any ideas was packing out stadium after stadium after stadium on a daily basis (sometimes as much as five Stadia a day) and his opponent could barely rustle up 50 people at a rally. The fake president is now doing presentations from his home in Delaware with Green Screens implying he's in the Whitehouse. 

There's so much fucked up noise in the background, I can't be energised to list all the warning signals but you might want to ask why Biden hasn't flown on Airforce One yet.

I'm not close enough to have a insight on what is really going on, but by going back to the old books such as The Secret Destiny of America, and armed with the knowledge that Q shared with us, I'm confident we're in for a tumultuous time that will end in vindication.

That's not a popular view in mainstream media circles but scratch at the surface and there are people much closer to the real story who believe as I do.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Sex Education

My daughter asked me to watch Sex Education and the Grandad-Napper™ in me was immediately dismissive (defensive?), also more entrenched when I found it was a Netflix production.

I'm looking squarely at you Tavistock & Portman

Anyway, you too might be familiar with negotiating with your progeny, so I accepted the challenge and watched the first series...

Most unexpectedly on the first episode, I had my first belly-laugh since the Luckdown™. 

I laughed my ass off, when a courgette was used as an educational prop, in so much as the ubiquitous meme asks us, 'tell me where on this courgette, the internet hurt you?'.

When my daughter asked me how it was going with Sex Education, I explained the belly laugh reaction, and she responded, I was making her cringe.

Even though we both knew it wasn't my suggestion....

I noticed a film technique, that I'd never previously seen in Sex Education.

The series is set primarily in a faux (?) US late-eighties, early 90s; high school location.

All the actors (most of whom are quite brilliant) have an English accent.

There are time and location-shifts. 

For example, when two friends occupy different decades in terms of their bicycle head-protection or another cheeky contrast was to have both actors SMS texting when the year is self evidently wrong.

Let's leave that there.

In filmic terms Sex Education is quite tastefully done, though not always agreeable.

I love the Time Lord aspect of it. It has been done before, but never on this granular level to my understanding.

There are some very special actors and I'm going to try and download the second series.

What do you think of Sex Education?

Monday, 22 February 2021

Hearts of Darkness - Francis Ford Coppola's Documentary of Apocalypse Now

For a long time one of my all-time favourite movies was Apocalypse Now. It still is but, y'know, things move on and change.

It was no surprise to discover that at some point I'd randomly downloaded a documentary of the making of the film.

What I didn't anticipate was the documentary coming to life without my assistance while working on a computer, and discovering it was so compelling that I had to stop my tasks, watch it properly and then watch it again.

There's a few books that are just overrated flim-flam and have a suspicious smell of agenda more than talent. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is one, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is another, and so is Moby Dick by Herman Melville, although that particular book didn't take off till after his death.

Don't mistake me. All three books have magnificent flourishes of writing but just don't stand up all the way through, and dozy academics can't even call it out, as I noticed on an 'In Our Time's recent episode'.

In a way Coppola is grappling with this weak story ending, and tries to fill the gap with a very bloated, uncooperative and superficial Marlon Brando.

What is exceptional is watching the making of the movie unfold and learning for the first time that Francis Ford Coppola (It's always a triple whammy when it comes to triplet names if we're paying attention) funded the movie himself before Vietnam movies became a thing in the eighties and early nineties, and it was acceptable to portray a soon to be 'defeated' Pentagon.

We now know much of that was scripted by Bell Helicopter and Daniel Ellesberg who is portrayed as a hero, but actually worked as a throat slitter for the CIA in much the same manner that Snowden isn't NSA, but a CIA contractor.

It's all about optics you see. That's why Snowjob gets a movie made about him, and Julian Assange languishes in the worst prison in the UK, Belmarsh.

Coppola starts off this documentary with a fine set of man boobs and a pasta-gut that wouldn't look out of place on a man 20 years older. However, when the shit hits the fan he starts losing kilos at a time, and by the end is a slender motherfucker at the screening. 

He did go through hell, but also had the balls for it.

I really fell in love with Francis in this documentary, as I have with his daughter's work in recent years. He has that Italian American body language that my political mentor had back in the day, and I wish I could have observed this before he passed on, his wife too only weeks ago.

Oh well, Joe and Kathy are reunited again and they're still in my thoughts. You were both great with me and it was a privilege to know you both.

One thing I never talked about with Joe was that his wife's first lover died in Vietnam. I never shared it with her husband but it was a vista of life I'd only ever known previously, on film.... such as Apocalypse Now.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Rik Mayall's Final Warning Before His Murder

I'm unable to write as much as I wish, as I now have to invest time in scraping videos off Youtube and uploading here as the censorship is relentless.

Both Stephen Fry and Rik Mayall knew what the score is, but Rik died for telling us. 

Friday, 5 February 2021

Southampton Lockdown Jabby?

Rejected the jabby, and got sent a ticket for Gib.

Hope all researchers get a chance to listen to this track by Ian Brown. It's very good considering the times we're living in.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Time Travel Technology

Is it just me, or do other people feel they are experiencing a higher fidelity when looking at processed vintage footage?

The immediate recording above is New Order, 27th June, 1984. My gorgeous mother bought me a ticket for my 17th birthday present. It was my first live performance. 

I'll never forget the audience baying for 'Warsaw' as an encore.

These experiences [for me], are almost as enriching as listening or viewing the recordings, many decades later?

I have shared this information before. [I claim] it's worthy of analysis, particularly because what's around the corner.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Audie Murphy - To Hell and Back (1955)

Last year I listened to a story about the most decorated man in WWII, who went on to star in his own film about his life in the military.

By coincidence the topic emerged again, and then last week I popped in to unsocially-distance a friend, and the movie was just starting on the television of the person who had told me the story in the first place.

We watched it together, and although war is not a genre I particularly care for, or enjoy, I got to the end and by then I was marvelling how this little guy (5 foot 5) went from ceaseless war-front bravery to being good enough to act as himself on the big screen.

Well actually some people know that, but even then, most are completely incapable of processing and synthesising the information into other topics such as the Shoah religion or the genocide of a million plus Germans after the war in real prisoner death camps not the work camps (Arbeitslager) that came complete with swimming pools, brothels, theatres and orchestras, but no indoctrination as we can see in any Hollywood movie or Television production.

All sides of the war would never be able to recruit soldiers if the troops knew what we now know. That's why war on a large scale is a discredited rationale for most young people, and many older ones too.

For some years , despite being a huge critic of the Pentagonal Satanic forces, I know most men sacrificed their lives ignorant of the important information and thus are truly courageous even if their efforts were misdirected.

They couldn't get away with it today, but they certainly have pulled the wool over the sheep's eyes on a Scamdemic that could still get much nastier in the future.

This would discredit those who have all the documentation that it was planned in advance.

It does smell more akin to a bioweapon than just the flu right?

Let's see if Biden's dark winter is coming.