Monday 13 July 2009

Digital Backflips

I like digital backflips. It's the equivalent of being a bit creative with software and tools when it's for the internet. In this instance a friend couldn't gouge this clip off his Sony Vaio hard drive, for years after filming it on a yacht trip I mentioned back here for another 40th birthday where we sailed for a few days in the Andaman Sea. We finally managed to transfer it between two ASEAN countries and I chuckled on first viewing. I remember well, that the best of Duran Duran were playing for much of the sailing (much to the surly skippers annoyance) but I don't recall in the slightest that 'Notorious' was playing as I dived off. I would however, have been just as delighted if it were 'Girls on film' which has that wonderful opening sequential shutter sequence that you can listen to here.