Friday 5 January 2018

Anthony Weiner

I claim that Wiener did a deal with NYPD that will have quite a few people locked up in the coming months.

That doesn't mean the top people will go down. 

They never do.

However, I watched the Weiner documentary above to get some more insights into his character and he's surprisingly convincing as a politician. Huma Abedin comes across as lovely and even subjugated by her husband, though we all know it's impossible to be so close to the Clintons without being completely toxic. 

They kill their enemies.

In the end it seems that the clip below sums up Weiner best. 

He's more engaged by his phone than by real life which he can easily parallel process as you will see.

In the mean time, the FBI have rekindled an investigation into Hillary Clinton and they had a convenient fire on the day it was announced. Like I said. Things are changing, but probably not as much as we need to really crack the blackmailed VIP child abuse rings that dominate the political narrative and celebrity media profiles for those too dim to see what's structurally wrong with modern political discourse, both domestically and internationally.