Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Secrets In Plain Sight

I was on a yacht in the Andaman sea with a multi millionaire a few years back when we got onto the subject of books. He was an unassuming kind of guy who said very little so when he made a point of urging me to keep an eye out for a book that was 'just coming out' I made a mental note of it and bought a copy as soon as I could. That book was the Da Vinci code. It was unbelievably cheesy writing, but by the time I secured a copy, it had exploded into one of the best selling novels of all time, and had rocked the Vatican itself who fought tooth and nail to smear its credibility.

I always wondered if he knew it was going to be a best seller or if he was recommending a a good read because writing of that calibre is embarrassing as the book proves. However the information in it made an awful lot people interested in Vatican secrecy and you better believe it that, the Vatican like Buckingham palace have secrets that will make the people riot and loot them if they can just pull their attention away from the plasma screened, corn syrup TV-programming diet of X Factor, who is fucking who in the tabloids and their preferred ball game of choice.

I never paid the book enough attention because of my appalling snobbishness when it comes to lots of popular culture so I totally missed how important the secret cults and symbolism in the book were. Secrets in plain sight is a series of videos that reveal a lot more of those ancient mysteries. Later on I will post an interview with the author of the series as he's got some great information to share. Is this a good time to post a slimmer  me diving into the beautiful blue waters of the Andaman sea on that sailing trip? You betcha.