Sunday 18 September 2011

Is Remote Viewing Science?

Controlled remote viewing is more accurate than spy satellites says Lyn Buchanan in this thought provoking interview on Time Monk Radio. It's revealing that the Pentagon prefer to champion the measurable accuracy part of the process to avoid accusations of tinfoil hat wearing but mainstream science doesn't understand how it works and isn't permitted to address the biological quantum field effect questions that raises.

In the last year I've learned that the string pullers above the divide and rule theatre of politics are well versed in occult or esoteric knowledge. Education and scientific institutions are controlled by these groups in order to keep science Newtonian and recorded history as young as possible. It's more complex than that but I just want to recommend this interview without going into technology suppression, academic tenure to keep obedience or peer review science to stifle radical rethinking.

If you saw the film, The men who stare at goats, you may find this explains the quirkiness of the movie. Either way the Pentagon take the matter seriously and hope that you wont.