Wednesday 23 October 2019

In Defence of the Illuminati

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I've been racking my brains for a bit on how to explain this subject, and finally, I had an idea of integrating my real-life conundrum to aim a spotlight on the subject from I hope, a useful perspective but which no doubt will be a rambling incoherency.

I need to bullet point part one as I'm prone to waffling and time is not unlimited, so here's the thought process in order of priority. Things I wanted to change in my lifetime.
  • Surely Fiat currency, fractional reserve as well as central banking are completely synthetic scams, or hoaxes if you wish, that however hard I try (you can too), I can never work out, quite how they were foisted on humanity? How did this happen without pushback, if not immediately, then subsequently? #Money
  • The conflict (war) machine is retarded. Might isn't right. This is logic. #War
  • Deception is a business model, but not an inspirational one. Is transparency not subterfuge more robust than say casting 9 spe11s and manufacturing the spellbound? #Tricks #Advertising #Illusion
  • Does one need to extract another's energy in order to extend the principle's reserves? Is theft too harsh a word? Why not rape? #Power #Energy
  • Nationalism is retarded. How can we explore the universe while squabbling over domestic resources? #Multiculturalism
  • Gender identity is superfluous. Who cares if the universe is male or female? #Gender
  • National identity is worthless, or at best negligible. #Ethnicity #Identity
  • Doesn't it make sense to subsidize and finance that which will cause great suffering... if allowed to fail? #Socialism

These are all points of thinking arrived at by assuming I now see, misguided good intent that as a young lad and now a half Century later burdens me (and maybe you too) if we look at ourselves in the mirror? 

What is striking is these early subjective social ideals that manifested for me, or are on the verge of manifesting, if we are paying attention is they aren't what I expected. I'm saying the Illuminati seem to have not been unresponsive to your average well-meaning lefty and what I and many others, I'm guessing, wished to see. 

I'm now constantly humiliated as I feel the burden of what once seemed simple obvious solutions but which are in fact, crude, ill-defined and facile answers. Be careful what you wish for.

Anyway to mirror part one: 

The Federal Reserve is on the back foot.
War is already obsolete. Mutually assured destruction still possible but no standing armies will fight for bloodlines again, and they know it.
Trickery or transparency is corpulent with unavoidable responsibility. There's no escape from reality, if you wish.
Conservation of energy isn't disputed. Inputs and outputs are empirical.
Multiculturalism has been weaponized such that identity to our next-door neighbours can now easily be framed as hate(speech).
Gender fluidity too has been weaponized such that identifying as being a woman or a man is now hate speech.
Nationalism has not escaped being weaponized, such that being bred in a country can now be a lower priority than new arrivals from places we bombed with laser-guided precision because the war profiteers subsidize our entertainment.
Why is it the only shared burden that can never take place, are new ideals of shared endeavour aimed at caring not neglecting?

Part II
This is not an exculpatory blog post in favour of the Illumined mafia, it's just a healthy attempt to look at the problem from their side... and then attempt to put it down in words.

Allow me to try, please. Clumsy as that may be.

A lot of people....used-to.... canned-laughter, double over at any mention of the nutjob subject known as the Illuminati.

Even though George Washington warned us in his own handwriting of the threat from this self-propelling trauma-based business model.

And, Natural philosophers (as indeed Faraday was), ditched their mathematics and physics careers to publish in 1797 Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison.

It's enough of a burden, just to manage our mortal lives, but this group..... this very special pioneering.... gang if you will, have assumed responsibilities for planning multi-generational objectives that defy convention.

History is replete with dynasties. This subject is not new. But, this is no ordinary dynastic intersectional collective.

Their track record of maintaining control is (debatably) unbroken. It is this function they outperform all other Secret Societies, Orders, Fraternities or Cosa Nostra on. 

While we think month to month, about mortgage payments or brothel bills.... ... this clique of bloodlines pride themselves on the long game.

Kinda like the Jesuits but tooled-up with a fairly extensive body of research-work, on genetics and mind control.

They are phenomenally successful in the entertaining us to death business, but in a broader sense, it seems they understand the unlimited firepower of social engineering.

Mind Control if you wish.

Culture, perhaps more succinct.

One of the surprising factors about the Illuminati, is they are no hypocrites. 

If obliged to do to their own offspring, what they do to other people's children, they will do it. They impose the same rules on others, that they apply to themselves. Trauma-based mind control is self-evident in Bush Jr for example.

They are ideologically pure, for what it's worth.

It is us who have incoherent explanations for reality, not them.

Are we presented with an unsolvable multi-generational, trauma-narrative rubbed in our faces through the easy peasy to learn (if inclined) language of symbolism?

It's not about the money money money (we don't need your money, money, money).

It's way more interesting than that. 

If you have a strong stomach.