Sunday 5 July 2020

The Whipping of Ghislaine Maxwell

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell had quite an impact on my blog statistics as you can see above.

I mentioned before that Ghislaine was Epstein's handler, so she is more important an event than the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, and we will now see a summer of more arrests, murders and suicides of people in her Tech, Royal, Business, Academic, Science and Entertainer circles.

Many of the names will be meaningless to the masses, but the stench around her of the British Aristocracy's involvement will be keenly observed and it remains to be seen if Prince Andrew will fall.

The video above is impossible to find on Youtube using the name of the video for search terms, but I came across the information, and was quite gobsmacked.

If you want to understand the degeneracy of the upper classes you'll find this video an eye opener.

The narrator is Eleanor Berry the daughter of Lord Hartwell, who viewed Maxwell as a surrogate father figure when she was a young girl, and developed a BDSM relationship with him.

She particularly like to be whipped on her bare bottom with a cane by him.