Tuesday 5 January 2016

Pearse Redmond & Ed Opperman - Jeffrey Epstein's Child Abuse Network

Regrettably these lads once again fail to notice (or research) that Ghislaine Maxwell's father was a documented Mossad operative and have yet to logically pursue the blackmail nature of Epstein's Lolita Express and Fantasy Island operation. However it's still good info for the beginner. 

Never let other people slagging you off get in the way of information is my motto as I've been posting about Epstein since 2012 and even longer on Twitter so I'm comfortable with my track record on the Epstein honey trap and urge people to get stuck into this subject.

However, as an aside, why are New Yorkers (by and large) complete pussies about calling out the Prime Movers of 9/11? Is it because of the sizeable Jewish population or are they just lacking in backbone altogether?

Anyway here's a few pics to keep the focused on track about the Mandy Maxwell Epstein Rothschild connection... more on that when the time is right.