Wednesday 25 February 2015

Geoffrey Dickens MP on Ritual Satanic Abuse

Many consumers have been programmed by influential media Satanists to scoff at Satanism so I'll try to explain Ritual Satanic Abuse (RSA) very quickly.

Sexually abusing children is a power transfer thing. By abusing children the abusers feel a sense of empowerment when resuming their normal persona that they present to the outside world (they have often been abused themselves so it's a cycle of abuse)

That power transfer during the abuse is, let's call it, an 'energetic expression'.

We've all been to a stadium rock-concert or a Premier League football match haven't we?

Did you feel the energy and the power during your favourite song or when a special goal was scored by your home team? 

That's a biochemical energetic expression coursing round your body for no other reason than information being received by your five senses.

Well that's what happens when an abuser tortures a child before or during the act of raping them.

The adrenal glands of prepubescent children creates a hormonal reaction that is much more powerful in children than in adults. This is why child abuse and sacrifice is preferred over adult abuse and sacrifice (see Biblical Virgin sacrifices for more information)

It's a magnified energetic expression. 

Conducting rituals on special days, in special places and in special ways (candles, symbolism, shapes, chanting etc) and the magnification is amplified even more according to Satanists. 

Murder the child after, and the oxidation of the adrenalin (epinephrine) produces adrenochrome and thus the maximum energetic transfer is complete.

You may not believe in it but the Satanists do. 

I believe they've tried it, and it's likely you haven't. 

Satanism is real and the people most invested in telling you it's not are the least to be trusted.

Update: Original video censored.