Monday, 11 March 2013

Ex CIA Director Denies Dr Steven Greer Briefed Him On Aliens

I'm not brilliant at judging people because I like to give folk a chance to shine, but I've increasingly avoided Steven Greer on UFO/ET talk because he's such a show off. I posted his last interview (which is still excellent) but here we have documentation that he totally exaggerated and lied about his so called briefing to R. James Woolsey who ran the CIA once.   Woolsey will be a professional liar anyway because he was Director of CIA but this letter certainly exposes Greer on the timing of the so called briefing and the claims he made about the response of those who attended this quiet evening meal.

Once again it's worth pointing out that Greer comes from a military industrial (space) complex background and the use of children for MKULTRA purposes is quite common. Greer was a trained doctor. It's hardly likely he threw away a career running a hospital A&E department just to knowingly spin lies on UFOs. 

However he could easily be doing that unknowingly as a programmed ALT

Who knows. I certainly don't. Just giving my opinion which is probably worthless.