Sunday 24 March 2013

Still Unsure Who NATO Is Backing In Syria? Please Watch This

The Transatlantic globalists are bankrupt. 

America and the UK invade or bomb countries that no longer want to take their printed money scam or, as with Syria use proxy forces to soften up the road to Tehran. This means London, Washington and Israel have to side with the Sunni Petro-monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar who despite being brutal dictatorships quite like the idea of having regional hegemonic control of the middle East through the Muslim Brotherhood who will be the technocrat leaders of these 12th century beheaders. They will not let the Muslim Brotherhood inside their own countries of course.

Do not trust a single thing your corporate media with the their commercial breaks have to say. Not a single word is pure.

You might think your iPhone means you're a world away from all this but all this pays for your iPhone lifestyle. It is not real. Are you not real?