Saturday 23 March 2013

MI5 Whistleblower Nods Towards Mossad Involvement in 9/11

Most people are too busy with celebrity nipple, sports programming and reality TV to unravel the complex consortium of interests that collaborated to turn off the US air defences for an hour and bring down the twin towers into a nice footprint of dust that no police officer has ever inspected. Annie Machon let's us know towards the end of this interview that Mossad's involvement is well documented even though it is being removed from sites like Rupert Murdoch's owned FOX news. What a surprise.

We do however know some of the players, there's L Paul Bremer, Phillip Zelicow, Larry Siliverstein, Dov Zakheim and the Mossad spy ring that danced on their van and lit their lighters in the air as if at a concert while the buildings fell. Israeli politicians like Netanyahu were delighted by 9/11 as it enabled him to pursue a policy of genocide on the Palestinians without the flouride McSheep dips getting to worried about human rights and Israeli fascism.

I claim I have no racial bias as it's not me who chose which country should bomb the Palestinians or send their spy rings to observe terror acts and celebrate during them as 3000 people died. If it were the English or the Maltese I would report the matter just as matter of factly.