Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Pineal Gland, Melatonin & Aging


In the field of medicine, the pineal gland has been practically ignored. 40 years ago, Walter Pierpaoli MD was led to research this often-overlooked gland and spent a good portion of those years in the laboratory with hands on research. Dr. Pierpaoli is a pioneer in pineal gland and melatonin research, anti-aging and longevity restorative medicine, and is the author of The Melatonin Miracle and The Key of Life. His groundbreaking research findings have been suppressed for years because, as he will share in this interview, the pineal gland holds the keys to so much of the body's vitality and longevity.

Dr. Pierpaoli is courageous, passionate, and committed like few I have ever met. He has dedicated his life to restoring health in his patients and bringing new knowledge to a field dominated by pharmaceutical interests and antiquated medical paradigms that led healthy people to rapid aging and disease. His groundbreaking research offers deeper insight into the hormonal cascade and what he calls "the cyclicity of day and night", known as the circadian rhythm.

He lays out how melatonin really works and why most supplements containing melatonin don't work and interfere with the body's pineal gland. Additionally, he fills in critical gaps in our understanding of aging and our ability to prevent diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, and cardiovascular disease.

Join me with Dr. Walter Pierpaoli and learn how the pineal gland really works, how and why it is important to maintain its juvenility, and how it impacts all other hormones and systems in the body. You will never be the same.