Monday, 18 November 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald - PRISM Patsy

The excellent part of this documentary is the contrast between the corporate media messaging of Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone weirdo and the reality of his work for the national security state.

JFK matters just as much today because the shadow government that really runs the United States was fully implicated in the murder of the finest President of the last century. By watching this latest brilliant Corbett Report you may begin to understand that the conspiracy really is vast and powerful.

When that penny drops you start to see the other pseudo realities spat out by the media and their security state parasites.

One of the toughest parts of learning more is being exposed to the propaganda about JFK and the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Ideally it would be better to review all information with an open mind but I've seen so much that I find it sickening to watch the corporate media smear people's reputations and present shallow unchecked lies as evidence.

My own personal theory based on observing Oswald's mannerisms and his orphan birth, military and civilian intelligence career, actions under pressure and general dissociation from the wider reality are that he is an MKULTRA Manchurian candidate. Here's some evidence to support my theory which is the basis of all good scientific research.