Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Parts 7 & 8 - Hard Core

There's no way an intelligent and curious person can understand the reason why the world operates as it does today without understanding the conspiracy to murder JFK. It's not hard but it does take some work so I've posted the most helpful information, research and documentaries I've come across.

I think I've got a reasonable grasp of the topic but I can assure you that others have put in Yeoman work into the subject over decades and that I benefit from inhaling a lifetime's work by others in a few hours on a good documentary.

However it is fitting that these two episodes that I watched on Friday, the anniversary of JFK's murder, shook me up again and reminded me that some of my darkest suspicions about the nature of the apex of the pyramid is a lot darker than even most people are prepared to discuss.

I wonder if anyone will see what I see in these two videos. 

It's creepy frankly. 

Speculative on my part, but very dark, very malevolent and very creepy.