Monday 18 November 2013

JFK Stabilized Footage - Sniper's Bullet From The Front

The Abraham Zapruder footage has missing seconds from it, but this new stabilized video shows very clearly, the driver slowing down, to allow the many snipers (it was a crossfire assassination) to shoot Kennedy. Witnesses state the car actually came to a halt but you can see enough in this video which has many frames missing, as it was tampered with by the CIA and FBI photo lab and kept away from the public for 12 years until a brave District Attorney from Louisiana, Jim Garrison demanded it be shown.

Only the most pathological liars still claim the kill shot came from Oswald who is accused of being behind the President and his the car on the sixth floor. Actually he wasn't even there either but stick to the official explanation because their lies are easy to expose.

See for yourself.

Once you figure it out the scale of the conspiracy to murder the President, you realise the moon landing could also be faked, that 9/11 could well be a CIA/Mossad collaboration, and that like a chicken on the farm your entire life's potential is being held back by very powerful networks who control humanities conciousness with celebrity TV, sports and gossip rather fulfilling a greater destiny.

Not all of us I might add.