Wednesday 13 November 2013

Is Weather Warfare Being Used To Force The Philippines into #TPP Trade Agreement

A few people asked me if Cyclone Yolanda (the strongest cyclone to hit land ever) that devastated the Philippines was man made. 

I asked myself 'who could benefit from it?' 

Cui Bono?

My best answer wasn't good enough (Spratly Islands dispute between Philippines, China and Pentagon's Asia Pivot) so I stopped thinking about it.

However Weather Warfare specialist Dutchsinse has provoked a clearly clueless scientist into such an uninformed defence that I watched his videos on synthetic Yolanda this morning and I think there is something there.

As I was researching it, I was reminded that the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP trade negotiations which are taking place in complete secrecy and all good people should be concerned about are a very good explanation of why the Philippines is being perhaps pressured through weather warfare to sign an agreement that will not be in it's favour.

Watch the videos if you think this is not realistic. 

Geo-strategically it's on the money.