Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mother Agnes Mariam Under Attack By Israeli Stooges

As has been continually proven for the last two years or more, all the Syrian chemical weapons attacks have been false flag attacks by the so called 'rebel' side who are actually funded and supported by London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Washington.

They are terrorists.

This history is well documented, and includes the horrific attack where so many children were seemingly affected

It's naive of people to think intelligence services wouldn't hurt any sides children to justify a much more profitable and larger theatre of war from being secured.

Mother Agnes Marian (a Catholic nun in Syria) has been publicizing the grizzly reality for some time, and now that she has commenced a speaking tour in the US, and is waking the people up to CIA, MI6 and Mossad, Saudi manipulation, she is being attacked by the usual pro Zionist warmonger apologists like Owen Jones (who wouldn't have a job if he reported Zionist war crimes) and Human Rights Watch who again do good work on the micro level but when it comes to supporting the Neocon Zionist agenda in the middle East, never fail to support the greater Israel plan