Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 2 - The Forces of Darkness

This is an excellent British production on the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. I'm working my way through all nine parts and not all are useful but this episode actually interviews some of the assassins or mechanics, as they are known in the trade, and provides photographic evidence the Warren Commission either ignored or did not know about

Quite a few international teams were used to murder Kennedy. They didn't know the architect of the assassination that hired them (though some can guess), but a more detailed breakdown is available over at Veterans Today of the key assassins and people involved.

The only reason I am posting about Kennedy is because the 50th anniversary is next week, and it's very clear how much we lost through his murder by the criminal establishment. 

It's my way of paying my respects because we will get to the bottom of this tumour on mankind, though it's a lot lot deeper than many are capable of dealing with.