Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Me & Lee - Judyth Vary Baker's Relationship With Lee Harvey Oswald

Judyth Vary Baker has a different story about Lee Harvey Oswald than the Corporate Media™.

She talks about his employment with the CIA and FBI before they set him up as a patsy who took the blame for killing JFK.

Judyth also talks about the CIA experiments for giving innocent people cancer cells, a project both she and Lee Harvey Oswald were connected, to along with David Ferrie.

We learn that J Edgar Hoover ensured that Lee Harvey Oswald had his pubic hair shaved in custody, so he could smear him as a homosexual, when in fact it was J Edgar Hoover who was the closet homosexual and queen of blackmail.

Judyth is clearly a highly intelligent woman. From this we can see that Lee Harvey Oswald was much more, than the flat one-dimensional lone gunmen conspiracy theory that the corporate media pimp for the power elite network. It was this network of power elite who threw him under a bus, even though as we learn in this interview, Oswald averted a previous Kennedy Assassination in Chicago.

You will learn much from this erudite and articulate interview.