Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ken Loach | Spirit of 1945

It's forcefully evident to me that the British people's booting out of that warmonger wanker Churchill after WWII, for Clement Atlee's Labour Party, has been whitewashed by the corporate media™ and academia.

This is to keep the British people ignorant of the power they have to shape society. One of the best politicians of the century barely get's a mention and it's not hard to see why.

Currently the largest transfer of public wealth to private pockets is taking place, in front of people seemingly oblivious to the historical legacy of 1945.

Ken Loach's Spirit of 1945 didn't teach me enough of the technocratic details I wanted to know, but it does convey the human values that a fair society rests on.

The documentary doesn't deal with the complexities of 21st century living, and so it's not a very good catalyst for encouraging young people to come together and boot out the parasitic elite who run the planet.

It is however a documentary about people who cared for their neighbours, took an interest in their communities, and weren't fixated on greed. status and materialism.