Tuesday 12 November 2013

The French Revolution

I'm piecing together, the Black Nobility, the Crimean War, Palmerston, US Civil war and the Royal Family and the City of London.

The latter two are still in control of a lot more than the charade called government.

This documentary on the French Revolution was quite useful, and through it, I got a good primer on Robespierre and the Jacobins.

This production is from the time when the History Channel produced informative history programmes because these days they just want the kids to breast feed on Ghost Hunters and Ancient Aliens.

Not all kids stop there but a lot do and have no idea of their manipulation. Neither did I at their age but I'm learning more each day and I was raised on more stimulating content.

Recently I read Clif High's post on the spiritual revolution taking place (for want of a better description) and I was delighted that he articulated many of the thoughts I'm having recently. Particularly that most academic history is just a pile of rubbish and that it will take years for us to really sort out the depth of deception. As a general rule of thumb, those the media lionize are arseholes and those they smear are much more interesting. Like say Nixon  and Carter. Two of the more independent Presidents of the United States.