Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bashing Barack

It's time for a rare defence. I've criticized and questioned Obama on many many issues and I don't have a horse in the fake left right debate.

My timeline is stuffed with people who have had no opinion on healthcare till the corporate media started to attack Obama, just after he rejected Israeli war on innocent Iran, and stood his ground on the Government shut-down.

Now all of a sudden Obama is the worst liar ever in political history, and people are missing Mitt Romney as President with his demand for war on Russia, Iran and Syria on the pro Zionist Neocon Agenda.

There are many questions about Obama but I think this guy lied more than Obama

As did this guy

and this guy was controlling the previous two, but anyway..

Let's not forget that Reagan forgot American arms were being shipped from Israel to Iran,  so was he lying when he said they weren't because his "heart said one thing and his mind said another"?

Any American who thinks a person can become President without lying should have questioned the Warren Commission in 1963. 

If you swallowed that one, you've a lot to learn about lies and omissions.

Most people haven't figured out that Obama was lying when he said he wanted to drop cruise missiles on Syria. 

He had no intention of doing so, but as the GOP strategically vote against everything he puts forward, the only way to outsmart the Israel lobby AIPAC pushing for another Middle East war, was to lie that he did. 

For the first time ever Congress rejected that war, and yet somehow 99% don't quite get what happened back there. That's what happens when people only see reality through their tribes.

So let's be Candid. Healthcare is a divisive ideological issue in the U.S.

It's complex, and no two people have the same requirements.

Unlike the 400 people who have reviewed Obama's speech a few days ago I am disappointed that so few saw an awful lot of straight talking. 

So far when Obama tells lies, it's because the American public don't want the truth.

That's not the case with Obamacare. 

Update: I still feel Obama is a more complex character in history than just thumbs up or down, but now I know more about him and it's fair to say he's a Luciferian. It's curious that now we are living in the world of COVID-19, Obamacare may be linked to a second or third wave of what is currently a first wave scamdemic.