Friday 15 November 2013

James Bond Symbolism, Breakaway Civilisations & Nazi Technology

Watch live streaming video from projectcamelotlive at

Watch live streaming video from projectcamelotlive at

If you can ignore the interviewer interrupting the most important parts in order to ask irrelevant questions and thus breaking the interviewees flow this is still compelling information. 

I've always seen James Bond as propaganda to conceal that MI6 is up to its neck in paedophiles, blackmail and keeping the Queen in control at the expense of the British people who are too stupid to realise the brainwashing.

However I've always recognised that James Bond drops hints about real life such as the faking of the moon landing films that I blogged about over here.

Mike L. Sparks the interviewer does something that I've long wanted to hear. What happened after the Nazis escaped with technology to Antarctica. You need to know your basic UFOlogy and Nazi International to know that isn't as fantastic as it seems