Friday, 25 November 2011

John Lash - Let's Get This Party Started

Digital historians aren't too late to watch history unfold on the internet. I'm being a bit cheeky about the visual as that refers to other other John Lash talks I've recently blogged and the 'let's get this party started' line applies more to figuring out the masterminds of turning the twin towers into dust as Dr Judy Woods has repeatedly pointed out. However the history unfolding observation applies. If John Lash wasn't doing this in public, completely transparently, and I believe, with integrity, it would be a cult. No other word for it.

Open source cults is an oxymoron so it's not that, and then there's the experimental collaborative nature of the on going experiment. There's a lot of powerful new ideas in this. No paternalistic hierarchical leader, no metaphysics, no subservience. What kind of religion is that?