Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dr Karla Turner - American Martyr

Dr Karla Turner made the connection between alien abduction and the (shadow?) military industrial complex. She was warned off, threatened and then mysteriously died from cancer followed by her husband shortly after. Fast acting Cancer-inducing drugs (as I discovered) are part of the portfolio of options that who ever sanctions these murders have. 

Dr. Karla Turner was a remarkable women and her courage and testimony made me dig deeper into some of the most difficult topics I've ever had to research. I learned that the smarter you are the greater the threat you pose to the control complex that keeps so much hidden from us.

The point of this testimony isn't to change your mind it's to make you ask questions that lead you to doing your own research. More often than not it's the implications of what they say that is even more staggering than what they actually state. It's not for ostrich head-in-the-sand types.