Saturday 26 November 2011

Dr Judy Woods - Electro Gravitic Nuclear Reactions on 9/11

Last night I met an American TV producer for Discovery Channel filming here in Thailand. When I mentioned 9/11 was an inside job he more or less warned me off from pursuing the subject.

That's a man who makes his living by celebrating the value of human inquiry.

Such is the threat to reality imposed by the mind control of this event, he tried to censor my opinion when by rights I should have pistol whipped him for fraudulent misrepresentation. Undeterred I put him in his place by asking in an incredulous manner if  he believed the 9/11 commission report. "No" was the answer (they always do) and so I pressed on, diplomatically framing things, just in case a word or a fact might help him out of his mental sickness. Finally I asked him how many buildings crumbled away on 9/11 and he got the number wrong by three. That's three buildings he didn't have a clue about and yet his reality tried to stifle mine. Changing the subject I learned he likes the same radio show I do and it made me sad that he had been given every opportunity in life to be a guardian of truth. As I walked away I held up the number of fingers to describe how many buildings were turned to dust on 9/11. I wont repeat it here.

Halfway through this British interview about 9/11 posted above, an SMS is sent describing Dr. Judy Wood as bonkers. She responds that nobody attacks her evidence but instead rely on insults. 

Twenty minutes later the person responsible contacts the show to say he was wrong and that Dr. Judy Wood's explanation for the 'dustification' of the World Trade Centre is the strongest explanation yet. My favourite part is when she explains that the best evidence for electro-gravitic nuclear reaction science is the missing World Trade Centre.

Think about that.

Dr. Judy Wood is the only investigator to have had the arrogance to attend the scene of the crime to determine what happened. 

It is my belief that a number of methods may have taken place that day to create confusion. The least plausible method of destruction is aviation fuel melting a few miles of steel girders. That's just insane.

Update: It was brought to my attention that the link in the visual to architects and engineers for truth is run by Dr Richard Gage who is discredited as not giving Dr Judy Wood's explanation the attention it deserves. A much better link would be to Dr. Judy Wood's book over here.