Saturday, 26 November 2011

How Did Billy Meier In 1987 Predict Yesterdays Daily Mail

I was listening to the amazingly accurate predictions of which Israeli politician (Ariel Sharon) would be in power after 9/11 and how this monster of a human would exploit the false flag event to inflict brutal measures on the Palestinians by UFO contactee Billy Meier from 1987. He says the Pleiadeans gave him the information. The recording of the text is  voice synthezier which is a shame but it's not too harsh to listen to.

Then, as I was listening I came across another prediction (at the fifth minute), that was actually announced in the Daily Mail yesterday.

What are the odds of that?

The Pleiadeans specifically say we will be genetically engineering animal and plant material as the 'Pigs Given Spinach Genes" article in The Dail Mail yesterday states. I'm not big on predictions as anyone who knows about the science of M Theory and theoretical timelines can appreciate. The future is not fixed and we determine it from within this dimension though it's a bit more complex than just that.

Lastly as I noted in my first post on Billy Meier his full name Alberto Eduardo Meier is an anagram for Bearded Time Traveller. That's the sort of high-weirdness super-woo I lurve to run across.

The Pleiades star system (known as Plejaren to Swiss German speaking Billy) is an open star system best known as the Seven Sisters or The Swan or Cygnus by night sky watchers and features heavily in our mythology.  A picture of it is below. I've been captivated by this star system since I was a young boy. Barbara Marciniak who I've blogged before is a Pleiadean Channeller. I'm very careful with channelled information but the recordings are fascinating and (to my ear) agenda free.

Update No. 1: World renowned and well respected Billy Meier researcher Michael Horn has blogged my accidental discovery :)

Update No. 2: I left this comment underneath it. "I've been checking the Billy Meier stuff and this audio recording
It is so over the top for doom and destruction that I find it funny. That doesn’t mean it’s not true but it does have a narrative agenda.
I also note that it refers to East German forces in the prophecy (the DDR no longer exists) and it also says that Russia will attack Iran and Turkey which couldn’t be further from the truth at the moment as Russia Turkey and Iran are tight given the most important threat we face is an Israeli attack on Iran and a NATO attack on Syria.