Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow - Infinity (The Ultimate Trip)

My step-brother is dying and so when I watched Jay Weidner's documentary on the subject I tried to get my mother and particularly her husband who is barely able to sleep at night with worry to watch it. 

Jay Weidner made the documentary film called Infinity - The Ultimate Trip for his mother in order to answer some questions that are difficult to convey through just conversation. If there's a risk of someone dying or death is imminent it's a beautiful film for all ages and all people to see together or alone. I would say an important film, but let's keep the claims modest.

Unfortunately I failed in encouraging my step father to watch it as he's so upset that he can't bare to think of the subject unless it's framed within his own grief and so I'm no longer allowed to mention the matter in emails.

That's a tragedy because at worst there are little bits of unconsidered issues that the film gently opens up, and at best it's a way of weighing up (if one digs deeper into the matter) why we're infinite beings who chose to incarnate into a rather painful reality to learn lessons that are just another stage in an endless journey, that our culture has successfully sold us doesn't exist. 

It's like advertising. Our materialist society pummels people with messages contrary to wiser older cultures diminishing death to a meaningless process that is to be feared at all costs. I should add I learned all these lessons on an extraordinary DMT trip that showed me all this (and a lot more) but the film made me realise I it wasn't just an intellectual extra dimensional journey I undertook, but a download of information I couldn't possibly have invented on my own. Those of us who are acquainted with these topics were in agreement on hearing of Steve Jobs final exclamation "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow". We felt we knew exactly what had happened to him. Its a shame so few of us can share it without howls of protest from all sides.

The DVD can be purchased here.