Wednesday 30 November 2011

Is Dr Joseph P. Farrell The New Real Life Colombo

At the high end of elite occult hypothesis is the notion that we humans are little less than a cock fight being enjoyed by ancient bloodlines and possibly off world interference. Money is not the point for these elite tiers of power, though obviously a few levels below them will be very interested in chasing the financial beans unaware of their true lowly position. This nexus of power sees us as a game to experiment with. For example, they throw twisted and/or amended religious doctrinaire texts at us to see which one is the most fundamentalist or say the least productive or most worth dying for. They are after all studying us and hypothetically have been doing so for centuries if not for millennia.

Listening to this interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell who has a PhD in Patristics from Oxford it's hard not to conclude that the Second World War was rigged from the beginning and wrapped up prematurely once the elite bet had been settled and leaving a lot more power intact than anybody else has really sussed out. I've been describing it recently as 'Germany lost the war but the Nazis didn't'. 

Those of you who have checked out my 'Project Paperclip' posts will be aware of this.