Tuesday, 30 August 2011

America B.C. - Hugh Newman Interviewed By Red Ice Radio

America B.C. is a book by Barry Fell, that was widely attacked on its publication.  However, prehistoric evidence in the U.S. is one of the great stories to have been whitewashed by the historical and archaeological institutions like the Smithsonian who have a very real interest in revising history to keep populations stupid. Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries and esoteric science researcher who has authored two books. He also organizes the Megalithomania Conferences, co-edits Avalon Rising magazine and coordinates talks, films and workshops at numerous festivals.

Hugh has travelled all over the Northeastern states of America which have a remarkable amount of megalithic structures with some that go back to over 4000 years. Vermont has numerous rock chambers and standing stones that form an archaeoastronomical complex over a broad area. New York State has a mix of earthen mounds, megalithic chambers and giant dolmens. New Hampshire boasts "America's Stonehenge." 

On the coast of Rhode Island, is the famous Dighton Rock, with bizarre petroglyphs. In Massachusetts, a strange "hill that roars" sits near a selection of megalithic chambers, cairns and mounds of ancient origin. New Jersey, Maine and Connecticut also have numerous ancient sites that cannot be explained by traditional archaeology of North America. In this interview, Hugh will talk about these sites and explore theories about them that present a new view of the origins of ancient America.

Update: David Hatcher Childress draws our attention to ancient Sumerian/Akkadian cuneiform writings turning up in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia/Lake Titicaca Peruvian border on The Pokotia Monolith and The Magna Fuente Bowl. You can listen to an interview with him on the subject by Coast over here. It is first class.