Monday, 15 August 2011

Richard Feynman - The Incomprehensible Nature Of Nature

Richard Feynman caught my ear first when explaining that nobody really knows what inertia is and I thought that was a good thing for a physics Nobel prize winner to say rather than that patronizing Royal 'we' that pompous scientists like Michio Kaku repeatedly use to highlight scientific superiority despite Michio being a peacock shill (and wrong about the nature of physics).

Feynman is the kind of man in this character examination documentary who translates the famous Mayan Dresden Codex from scratch to get the feel of the explorer who first discovered it. Later on he talks about the catch 22 of winning the Nobel prize. He neither wanted it or could turn it down as that would attract even more attention, which he knew interfered with the process of authentic inquiry.. Somebody should tell that to Michio Kaku when he pauses to inhale between script reading.