Thursday 18 August 2011

I Thought The English Love Animals (Why Blame The Rioters)

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the primary social dynamics that breed human animals which for  reasons still unclear, the Soy Latte and Pret a Manger classes only learned of their existence a week ago. The emergence of a feral, violent, angry and nihilist underclass they've been living with has taken the pampered classes by surprise.

It takes a considerable amount of self centred concentration to edit that kind of reality out.

We've been saying for a decade or so that the Chavs are being bred for a good enlisted war which as we're on the subject, and as Stefan points out, the violence of the riots are pantomine compared to the violence that the UK prosecutes abroad in war after war for  a hypnotized style of life.

I don't like these people who rampaged but everything is connected and ignoring eternal truths leads to suffering.