Wednesday 31 August 2011

Has John Lash Got This One Right?

I like John Lash's work but he's just been a bit patronising in this this podcast . He says he agree's with Dr Judy Wood's dustification theory but not before slagging off the scientific evidence for thermite. Hey John, did it ever occur to you that both techniques could be used together? 

The authorized science to conceal the non-authorized science? Surely we need nuanced thinking not erroneous premature triumphalism?

John goes on to assert that crop circles are the signature of renegade field-energy white-hats who now have been requested by Lash to personally send him a sign. I think that's a naive request. First off, the subject of crop circles is riddled with disinformation by the likes of MI6 and Military Intelligence as it spooks the hell out of them (and Prince Philip). Secondly it's more than just Fibonacci sequences, and as I've written is an ongoing narrative of dimensional evolution. John Lash is trying to trigger a sign specially for him in crop lingo. What's he anticipating? A big crop circle thumbs up in a field with "lots of xxx to J.L." underneath?

What does that prove with respect to who did what?

John Lash might want to do his reconsider his research a bit more instead of hurling calumny at those who entertain extra dimensional inputs to clearly extra-dimensional outputs (crop circles). None of us know for sure who and how 911 was pulled off and who is making those crop circles. Including that large metamorphosis one which ostensibly has nothing to do with Fibonacci.