Saturday 13 August 2011

Tariq Ali - The Arab Intifada & American Power

It's about the Arab uprising but Tariq Ali says he'd default on debt if in power while outlining the contrived bogus political divide that elects wishy washy Etonians who compete against each other on how much of our money to slash. Meanwhile the Corporation of London Banking bonuses soar sky high in preparation for one last fleecing of the public. Tariq Ali I think throws his hat into the ring of public service with this speech for the Socialist Workers Party.

Tariq is a man who understands the ebb and flow of history. It is the fool who fails to read the signs and discern impending systemic change.

Back in March I wrote a post for my friends and family in England titled 'Advice'. You can find it here here. England needs a leader who isn't part of the Kabuki theatre politics of left and right. Tariq has been kept on the periphery on the intellectual establishment not just by the Left who despise his authenticity but by the bean counters who really run the show and know how to provoke civil unrest when the spotlight is on their economic failings.

Real power cultivates failed generations so an entire layer of chavs can be thrown into the conflict of war abroad, or civil unrest at home. The recent riots like the 80's riots are an essential tool for managing populations.

Keep them stupid, keep them feral. Keep them broke. Then they are useful to panic the middle classes that something must be done and sweeping measures are a necessary evil. It's textbook Fascism.

The game is rigged. Wake up before it engulfs you. Tariq isn't perfect but he isn't a sell out.