Tuesday 23 August 2011

The PENTAGON's™ Middle East Shopping List

After bombing Libya in the 80's, selling them arms and then bombing them again, it looks like it may be over for Libya's leader who, like Saddam Hussein, is perfectly capable of murder when necessary but is equally one of the few moderate Islamic leaders in the world with a track record for education and women's rights that are unlikely to be improved upon with the rebels and their Al Qaida/NATO sponsors.

Like Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Libya sits upon the oil that the junkie dependent West cannot resist and Tripoli was one of the few State run banks in the world and thus a threat to the dollar reserve status. Then there's the free market threat of China's business partnerships in Africa. Put simply, each time a UK or European person fills up their tank with gasoline they are filling up on Satanism. It's all about the Pentagon with the Pentagram and regrettably it's not a conspiracy if it's in plain sight and it seems the corn syrup  plasma screen classes are Eyes Wide Shut. Stanley Kubrick tried to warn us.

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