Friday 28 September 2012

Israel's Number One Warmongering Drama Queen

The corporate for profit media wont touch the story but that's OK because the alternative media are on top of it. During the 80's when Netanyahu claimed he was working as a furniture salesman (same job as Obama's grandfather nudge nudge wink wink) he was in fact smuggling nuclear triggers out of the United States. They are called Crytrons and given Israel is a non signatory of the nuclear proliferation treaty we can expect to see Nutty Netenyahu in jail one day or at least in the dock like Rupert Murdoch with his warmongering empire crumbling around him. Ironically the Israeli press has been more open than the Western press. Alternatively Iran might just wipe the floor with Israel and teach them a lesson if they try it on. I'm quite relaxed about that right now given the latest information.

The best source for information is Grant Smith who insigated the Freedom of Information Act securing the FBI files that revealed Netanyahu's name in the nuclear technology smuggling.