Saturday 29 September 2012

Israel's Land Grabbing Ways

Earlier today I was watching a Walt & Mearsheimer academic presentation about the Israeli lobby's control of US politics. They were viciously attacked for publishing a scholarly analysis of the matter by AIPAC and the other Israeli lobby groups that Congress doesn't have the courage to stand up to, but for my taste they weren't tough enough and apologised too much for the statements they were making. Lately the most authoritive voice on the matter is Grant F Smith of , who also unearthed the FOIA FBI documents that prove Netanyahu illegally smuggled nuclear triggers out of the US in the eighties.

I don't like haters of any hue or colour so it's important to attach robustly but with humour and no hate. Make your own mind up here as he debates Ruthie Blum who makes my skin crawl. You'll see what I mean.