Wednesday 26 September 2012

In The Year Of The Pig


In the Year of the Pig is a 1968 American documentary film about the origins of theVietnam War, directed by Emile de Antonio. It was nominated for an Academy award for best documentary.

The film, which is in black and white, contains much historical footage and many interviews. Those interviewed include Harry S. AshmoreDaniel BerriganPhilippe DevillersDavid HalberstamRoger HilsmanJean LacoutureKenneth P. Landon,Thruston B. MortonPaul MusCharlton OsburnHarrison SalisburyIlya ToddJohn TollerDavid K. TuckDavid Werfel, and John White.

Produced during the Vietnam War, the film was greeted with hostility by many audiences, with bomb threats and vandalism directed at theaters that showed it.[3]
De Antonio cites the film as his personal favorite. It features the ironic use of patriotic music, portrays Ho Chi Minh as a patriot to the Vietnamese people, and asserts that Vietnam was always a single country rather than two.

Its poster was famously used as an album cover for The Smiths' second album Meat is Murder. The insignia on the soldier's helmet was changed to "meat is murder".