Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bruce Lee - Enter The Dragon

It gave me a little kick that the essence of the movie is this opening scene snapped above and the deleted scene embedded below that is now available on the DVD but wasn't included in the original 1973 (important year that one) movie. The enemy is all illusion and that's so true and relevant it's nice that the video fell on the right moment as I flipped through it, and that the relevant clip came to light straight after.

Bruce Lee was so much more than an martial artist and for my money acts better than anyone else in the movie though there are some Thespian shockers in this film. The download was excellent quality and I really loved the Hong Kong scenes. I miss Hong Kong a lot but it's never taken good care of me for one reason and another.

Update: I just watched this new Bruce Lee documentary upload on Youtube. It's not bad at all.