Sunday 30 September 2012

Elliott Abrams Makes A Fool Of Himself Over Syria

Elliott Abrams is a Zioncon warmonger from the Iran Contra days of blood and massacre in Nicaragua. He's a proven liar but as we know George W Bush promoted many hundreds of these psychopaths to justify his illegal war in Iraq. Normally a psycho like this should be in an insane asylum but in our sick society they get well paid positions on the Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Fellow or Sick Fucks as I notice most of the senior fellows are including Ed Husain who advocated and lobbied for intervention in Syria and is now running from the bloodshed they have invoked. This interview is a must listen for the breeze block stupidity of Elliot Abrams advocating religious groups as the solution to sectarian divide in Syria. Even Ed Husain realises the madness of this.

I am a big fan of Jewish contribution to history including arts and philosophy as much as I am an Arab fan for their contribution to mathematics and astrology but these Jewish Neocon warmongers on think tanks are appalling. They appall me. I'm appalled.

Go on. Listen. Do the work. Listen to the abject stupidity that is followed by war dollars and heart breaking misery.