Sunday 30 September 2012

Award Winning CNN Journalist On CNN Propaganda

Amber Lyon of CNN turned down their corporate media buy-off money to silence her after her Bahrain reporting was axed because it told the truth that the USA supports regimes where there are oil or geopolitical interests. 

This extraordinary interview from Emmy Award winning journalist talks about the chilling effect of Obama prosecuting more jounalists and whistleblowers than any President in history. Hope and Change? Hopeless Change. You'll see.

In fairness to Amber the specific response that Alex Jones isn't a conspiracy theorist is about the TSA no fly lists for reporters who speak up. I disagree with plenty of Alex Jones as much as I agree with plenty of Alex Jones. That's what real opinion formers do. They form opinions rather than take their instruction from an agreed list of voices.

Hat's off to Amber Lyons for taking a stand. We applaud her courage and stand for truth and journalistic freedom.