Friday, 2 July 2021

Seaspiracy - 2021

I guess ocean acidification doesn't affect shark fin soup eaters? 

I've seen much of this new documentary's information before, but it makes sense that a new attempt at bringing to life the ecocide taking place on our planet. 

Fortunately we have a political media complex that knows carbon is the number one problem, in an age where we can distribute free vaccines but not clean water. I'm sure they know what they're doing?

Regrettably George Monbiot is in this documentary and he's shilled a lot for the genocide of Syrians. A subject that is documented for those familiar with the OPCW.

The star of this movie is in his early 20s and I condone a younger person communicating the problem, instead of a crusty old person. I would share this with your children if care for their long term futures is sufficiently high on your radar.

In all likelihood, you have more pressing demands.