Monday, 12 July 2021

England vs Italy - The Stench of Ignorance

My first blog post in 2007 was about football and I haven't really changed my mind on the main thrust of the writing all those years ago. 

The Italians defeated England last night in the European Cup. I haven't been watching the competition but I did know England hadn't played any top tier teams to get to the final. They scored in the first few minutes and did what they always do. Play defence to hold on to a lead.

Stadium sports were first outlined in the modern age after the coliseum by H.G. Wells (an insider), and they work just as well now, as they did then.

It's called Panem et Circenses or bread and circuses. Distract the masses with trivia and celebrities and the main agenda will go unnoticed.

Mask up bitches.

It's back to reality now you've had your sportgasm and a smashing time.