Tuesday 30 September 2014

Yale University Lectures | The Splendor of the Abbasid Period

Professor Paul Freedman's Yale University lecturer series on history are very good (not all of the Yale lecturers are as competent) and there's lots of them on Youtube in a series called - The Early Middle Ages, 284 - 1000

For a additional view of the Abbasid Period I recommend the In Our Time Series episode on the subject.

It is my understanding that Christians are the greatest wielders of mechanized bloodshed in the planet's history. It's the corporate Zionist media that portray Muslims as regressive beheaders (99.999% aren't) and thus uneducated people lap the propaganda up. 

The above history lecture video is an example of Islamic high culture left out of the mainstream media narrative, and is why we know that the media is toxic when it comes to selling violence and war at a very tidy profit.