Sunday 15 May 2011

The Aquarian Conspiracy & The Fabian Society

Well that's two killer articles I've read today. First the NeuroSoup stripping down to lingerie fantasy I've harboured, manifesting in real life with an LSD orgy worth of Hunter S. Thompson (who incidentally wrote explicitly about observing lizard shape shifters as apparently LSD drops the vibrational veil they need for subterfuge) and now I've just had another epiphany of knowledge which even though it has gaps in it, is still much more credible than anything one could anticipate in Wikipedia for accuracy. (Note: Wikipedia is fine for safe subjects but any debatable history gets the jackboot stomped all over it).

It all started with a comment from David Icke who pointed out that the reason Aldous Huxley and Mary Shelley and George Orwell wrote such great futuristic novels is that basically they were in the know through the Fabian Society. You know. The ones who have the wolf in sheep's clothing as their logo?

I never figured out how Mary Shelley could have written Frankenstein, and so that suggestion made sense, and I looked it up a bit and thought maybe the Fabian Society are a bit more plugged into the future than most people suspect. It's always the case that small groups of people have throughout history often been privy to information that is kept well away from the the little people as Leona Helmsley put it (and that bastard lizard Carl Henric-Svanberg from B.P.). I also know this from the Saturnalia cultists I've been studying. In any case the reason for George Orwell's prescient pen came up on a forum I hang out on occasionally and which does publish secrets that if not always 100% accurate are definitely some of the freshest information on the net. So I began to read the post while also putting forward my Fabian Society information. One of the links that was posted there though really just rounded off a memorable Sunday of reading. The information just spilled out effortlessly.

You may have gathered I'm not the most sycophantic Anglophile as I believe interesting people turn up everywhere. But it's hard to ignore an article on an open conspiracy headed by Aldous Huxley and populated with the complete 'perfidious Albion' constellation of Eric Blair (clearly anti-Fabian), Aleister Crowley, Bertrand Russell, DH Lawrence and H.G. Wells as well as plenty of American dodgy elites such as Alan Dulles, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary as well as a couple of Military Industrial Complex think tanks/banks and Incorporations and finally rounded off with a bit of Blavatsky, Adorno and the ever present Albert Hoffman. It all comes back to acid in the end doesn't it?

I'm not saying the article has any better a grip on historical reality than others I've come across but I never encountered the Aquarian Conspiracy before along with the idea of a British led occult-priestly class emerging from the ashes of the British empire and hell bent on spiking the youth of America with drugs that probably hadn't been invented yet while reinventing Isis worship. 

Some of it obviously doesn't stand up to stiff interrogation, but it's fair to say it's so radical it has to be partly true and so yet again I'm blown away by information that generally tears up existing mental frameworks. I get the feeling that the more tearing up I do the closer I get to what is going on and further away from the neatly packaged bundle I no longer trust and previously called history. 

Read it anyway and make your own mind up. I'd just like mine back so I can finish off an Orwell recommendation that I'm hoping will shed light on how he got so much so right along with a couple of other important Fabian Society members.