Monday, 19 July 2021

Just The Facts Please - Not Suitable For Corporate Fluffers, Cowards & Intellecually Arrogant People

This is a deep dive into the patents surrounding the current global health panic. It's technical, attention demanding, in-depth, granular and devastating to Big Pharma and the unfortunates who have trusted the system to have the general public's interests at heart.

A little bit of a back story on this information. It was sent to me by a guy I met in a bar in Jomtien, Thailand. My girlfriend (if a 60 plus woman qualifies as a girl) nudged me and said, go talk to that guy over there.

"Why" I asked?

"Because he's on his own" she replied, so I walked over and introduced myself, we hit it off on esoteric subjects, and we've been friends ever since. It was only subsequently I found out he worked for the best law firm in his country, and was probably the best lawyer who was a foreigner (English in this instance).

It was he who sent me this information and it's mind blowing stuff in terms of legal decimation of the official COVID-19 narrative.

Now if you're a pussy and/or a bit intellectually challenged, this isn't for you, but if you like to be in the arena, the credit goes to the man who is in this domain and not outside of it.

The choice to know will be yours.