Monday, 5 October 2020

Trump Doesn't Have COVID-19

The reason I don't believe Trump and Melania have COVID-19 is because he takes HCQ which is the cheapest and most effective therapy for whatever bioweapon was created in Wuhan. It's so cheap Big Pharma has instructed the corporate media to discredit it, despite hundreds of doctors all around the world, proselytising it, and it's efficacy in Africa. That's a continent the racists don't care too much about when it comes to to mortality rates.

In addition, the Q information has been preparing us for an October surprise for nearly 3 years. Naturally we hoped it meant a surprise  for October in 2018 and 2019, but like clockwork on October 1 this year, Trump was 'tested positive' for a virus that has Mickey Mouse testing-accuracy. It also has a phenomenally low mortality rate, despite big Pharma and health care attributing every fatality, from falling off a ladder to heart attacks as death by COVID.

I've used the meme above, because it's a rare Democratic Party meme, which made me chuckle. Regrettably the article it is attached to, is so full of hate and schadenfreude against the President of the United States and his wife that the comments are a cesspit of toxicity rarely found on Far Right and other extremist websites.

Update: As POTUS was treated with an unusual cocktail of effective drugs, I suspect he was infected. Just do the math on GOP and Democratic infections after the first debate.