Wednesday 8 January 2014

Did Twitter Just Throttle My Account? - Let's Ask @SumAll

I'll know for sure in three or four days because I use SumAll to measure and automatically publish my data statistics publicly, but my gut feel is my Twitter account retweets have suddenly fallen off a cliff since yesterday. 

Let's see. I'll continue to talk about the issues I feel need greater awareness and I'll post the next SumAll automatic update below, when it comes, along with any other supporting evidence. 

I'll let the data do the talking.

As you can see the figures are down but not drastically. All I can assume is that Twitter is throttling my retweets so that I don't get feedback as to what is working but that doesn't mean it is not getting retweeted. Oddly enough it says I have 13.5K New followers but that's not accurate. I have that number of followers not new people.